Bookkeeping Cleanup Special


Bookkeeping should begin when you spend your very first dollar on your business.

So why do so many entrepreneurs fall into the misconception that financial management only starts when you finally get paid?!... Some even think after you're making a profit.

Waiting too long to start your bookkeeping or get it up to date, will be costly. You may end up missing out on proper tax deductions OR end up paying hundreds of dollars to get your books cleaned up. 

To celebrate small businesses for Small Business Saturday, I've created a special offer!  

Cleanup bookkeeping services for half of my full monthly price!

Investment $87/mo for up to 6 months


To be eligible, book your discovery call by November 30th!

I will only be accepting 5 people for this offer!

What you get

  1. Full setup of your accounting system, if applicable
  2. Creation/re-organization of your Chart of Accounts
  3. Training on your accounting software
  4. Historical bookkeeping cleanup bookkeeping work at $87 per month for up to 6 months

This offer is for you if...

  • You have about 6 months of bookkeeping you conveniently forgotten (or avoided) to do it
  • You are overwhelmed with the finances in your business and need a one-off service to help you get your biz finances in order
  • You feel confident that once the storm is cleaned, you will be able to DIY your books 

To get started, book your discovery call before November 30th. 

I will only be accepting 5 people for this offer!